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Picorinne Soft Last Update : 2018/01/23

◆New title 「Infinos Gaiden」(windows/2017) 90’s arcade-style shooter. DOWNLOAD “Infinos Gaiden&#822 […]

VeLTiNA Last Update : 2017/10/12

About VeLTiNA(ヴェルティナ) GoToSeven Games Director Megalopolis Okayama in Japan Indie Game Creator / Pixel Artist […]

ritterz inc. Last Update : 2015/08/24

Cute 2D pixel art game apps is the main frame of works, and we create and sell games, music, and entertainment […]

bluffman Last Update : 2014/11/30

dreeps Last Update : 2015/01/21

For you who don’t have time anymore to play RPG, “Alarm Playing Game” is a new type of game where […]

Yamiuchi Project Last Update : 2015/07/08

Dungeons & Darkness   Illustration: Hilo Morino http://www.h-m-p-y.com/    An exhibition title i […]

Studio F# Last Update : 2014/08/22

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