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Onion Software Last Update : 2014/04/19

About US We are developing software such as “The Tower of Zarbartz” and programming tool Hot Soup […]

FullPowerSideAttack.com Last Update : 2018/07/09

最新情報 2018年8月10日(金) コミックマーケット94一日目 西よ46a FullPowerSideAttack.com参加予定 C94新刊「トルクル(TorqueL)物理調整版 情報公開室チャンネル記事集」の紹介 […]

㊥Maruchu Last Update : 2017/04/29

Hi! I’m Maruchu.
I’m a Japanese indie game designer, programmer, artist, and music composer.
For 15 years, I’ve been making a lot of free games.
I’m very glad if you enjoy my games!
ヽ( ´ヮ` )ノ