Software for creatives

Our mission is to develop “smart tools” which empower artists by making them more productive and by providing them with more creative options. All of our audio products interface with game audio middleware (for example ADX2).

DSP Anime

DSP Anime lets you create sound effects for your animations, visual novels, RPG, social games and more! Create many variations automatically and export them towards game audio middleware…

DSP Retro

DSP Retro recreates the iconic sound effects of old-style platformers, shooters or beat’em ups. Simply choose a category, select a type of sound, adjust the parameters and press play!


QuickAudio redefines the audio workflow on Windows by transforming the Windows Explorer into a sound tool: change your icons to waveforms and spectra, spot to your DAW in one click, export to your game audio middleware and boost your productivity with QuickPlay and QuickEdit!


The ultimate audio batch processor for game audio creators ! Fast, reliable, and extensible, with an intuitive interface and a plethora of features that will improve the workflow of anybody dealing with audio assets. Ideal when you have thousands of dialogue lines to process!