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eyln_bookSmartphone game programming to make enjoying (for Android)

I wrote the book of making games with processing.

(Japanese version only)

This book is the introduction dealing planning of the game , development , and publishing to the store . Actually there are not only Android (Java) application , also part of iOS (HTML5). In addition, it is a book or also developed a game using the Kinect.

As a programming language easy to understand for beginners , I use education and art -based programming language Processing.


Commentary here (Japanese version only) .  Sample Movie



uProcessing (Unity Asset)

uProcessing is an asset for writing a code like ‘Processing’ in Unity.

It is designed to use GameObject and component-based mechanisms instead of using Low Level API extensively.

To use it, just inherit PGraphics class in your script instead of MonoBehaviour, and then you have new callbacks such as setup() and draw() for your Processing-like coding. You can still mix them perfectly with other Unity scripts.

NOTE: Only a subset of Processing APIs are available today through this package, also it is not yet heavily optimized.


Fro-jection Mapping 

This is not a game , but the demo program that projection mapping image on the surface of the water and the bath tub . Commentary here (Japanese version only) .

Movie1 , Movie2

It was introduced as a new bath goods in a TV news program . Hiroshi Abe ( Thermae role of Rome movie ” Thermae Romae “) Says . “This sounds good . Because it placed in various bath every day “


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