Petit Depotto


Unholy Heights

Apartment Management

Move monsters into your evil apartment building and start collecting rent to fill
your coffers! Buy furniture and improve your tenants’ rooms to make them
happier. Adjust their rent to match their lifestyle to make them really happy!


Monster Types

The world of Unholy Heights is filled with all kinds of monsters waiting to move
into your apartment, but they all have different needs. Some hate the cold, while
some only feel at home surrounded by luxurious furnitiure. Make sure to keep
your tenants happy, or they’ll run out on you and their lease!


Apartment Defense

It’s inevitable that rumors of an apartment building full of monsters would
eventually reach the ears of the no-good humans. Would-be heroes, bloodthirsty
pirates, cunning thieves and conniving mages all have their sights on The Devil’s
gold! Knock on doors and call your residents to your side! They want a war?
We’ll give ’em a war!