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Peakvox is currently developing a new TPS (Third-Person Shooter) game called “Gocco of War”, to be distributed via Steam.

Recently, as we received much support from users abroad and from Japan, Gocco of War was approved by Steam Greenlight.

→Check out the Gocco of War Steam webpage in the link below:


While the development team is voraciously creating the game,

we are waiting for your comments and suggestions!♥GOW_icon




peakvox Product

Able to target many platforms such as iOS、 WiiWare、 DSiWare、 3DS DL、 PSHome and Steam,

we are a game developer that continues to publish games while valuing freedom and commitment on leveraging the fun factor of games, which is typical from indie game developers.

We all want to keep inspiring the current indie game development scene in Osaka.



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