FlyteCatEmotion Inc.



Flyte : scale feeling

Flexibility of the space scale

Cat : lifestyle

Wild instinct that is diverted to nobody

Emotion : way

We make a game to attract the trigger of emotion



Our game moves emotions.
The emotions move people and the world.
It is our dream to evolve the world by
the pleasure of the game and emotion.

This is fist step.


For PlayStationMobile
TowerDiffence x Shooting

This game is particular about expression to remind of the ’90s and
has the system utilized the device of PSVita.
It is a purpose to mix “a past good point” and “the present technique” with.

By the management of the battery and the extermination of the enemy,
every frame is busy, and it is sure that we can taste refreshment by a system of
“the concentrated fire” that we put in the concept.

Put the hot thought that has been lost for the game of these days on a cannonball,
and fire it into an enemy!


2013 Jun. GCS2013 I declared that I was active as an indie game developer
2013 Sep. TokyoGameShow2013 “Million Shells”ProtoVersion exhibited (name:N.Kobayashi)
2013 Nov. FUSE10 “Escape! Meroko”Planner & MainProgramer (teamH name:Nobumitsu Kobayashi)
2014 May. BitSummit2014 “Million Shells”AlphaVersion exhibited (name:N.Kobayashi)
2014 Jul. FlyteCatEmotion Start
2015 Jan. TokyoTawachika Lab. “Million Shells”TrialVersion exhibited
2015 Feb. Makuake Clowdfunding Start
2015 Apr. IGDS2015 “Million Shells” DemoVersion exhibited
2015 May. TokyoIndieFes2015 “Million Shells -The First Encount-” exhibited
2015 Jun. Incorporation “FlyteCatEmotion Inc.”
2015 Aug. FukushimaGameJam2015 “Soaling Ling” Planner&Programer
2015 Sep. TokyoGameShow2015 “Million Shells -The First Encount-” exhibited
2015 Nov. digigame-expo2015 “Million Shells -The First Encount-” exhibited
2015 Nov. FUSE29 Lecture & “JAKI” Planner
2016 Jan. digigame-TokaigiSP “Million Shells -The First Encount-” exhibited
2016 Apr. Unite2016 “Million Shells Developing ver.” exhibited of technique
2016 Aug. FukushimaGameJam2016 “Mile Man” Planner&MainProgramer
2016 Sep. TokyoGameShow2016 “Million Shells Developing ver.” exhibited
2016 Sep. “TOKYO TATTOO GIRLS” (SUSHI TYPHOON GAMES) Programmer of minigame
2016 Nov. digigame-expo2016 “Million Shells Developing ver.” exhibited (in MCF booth)



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