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Game Description

In Dot Matrix Hero you get to experience the SWEET* life of an ‘Indie Video Game Developer’ in Developer Mode! Eat! Sleep! Code! Then code some more to develop your homegrown JRPG as the Developer! But a code warrior can only program and debug so much before turning in. And when night falls, the Hero awakens to find their pixel world unfinished and unpolished. Playing as the Hero, this is when you enter Hero Mode! Impatient and unwilling to wait for the Developer to finish the game, you venture forth! Slay Bugs left and right in an action roguelike adventure to reach the end, and hopefully see your Happily Ever After.

Developer Mode
DMH - Developer Mode

Use Bug Points (BP) to spend on Developer Actions to implement new features that will actually affect Hero Mode! From buffing your Hero’s attributes, adding new weaponry, and more! Dot Matrix Hero is literally letting you play developer for your roguelike adventure!

Hero Mode
DMH - Hero Mode

Roam the glorious 2.5D world with the beautiful retro Japanese inspired sprites! Each stage procedurally generated, providing a different experience (*hint*) and layout every run! Dynamic twin stick controls, and a combat system that makes each weapon unique to use!

Key Features

  • Procedurally generated stages!
  • Dat difficulty!
  • In roguelikes, Game change You. In Dot Matrix Hero, YOU change GAME!
  • Retro Japanese bits and tunes!
  • We’re making it.


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