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1001 SPIKES(Release:2014 spring/3DS.WiiU.PSvita.PS4.XBone.STEAM/Publisher:Nicalis inc.)

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■ XBOX One

Trailer 『1001 Spikes Release Teaser 』(2014/06/03)

Trailer 『New Challengers』(2014/05/23)

A cast of new characters joins classic indie characters in 1001 Spikes

  • Tina Hawkins (1001 Spikes Original)
  • Thompson  (The TEMPURA of the DEAD)
  • Sugimoto  (The TEMPURA of the DEAD)
  • Zombie  (The TEMPURA of the DEAD)
  • Commander Video (BIT. TRIP series)
  • Nyx  (Nyx Quest)
  • Juni  (Knytt Stories)
  • Curly Brace  (洞窟物語)
  • …And More?

1001SPIKES_021001SPIKES_04 1001SPIKES_03

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