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NEWS  2019/05/14

To all Indie Stream members,

It’s been 6 years since Indie Stream launched as a place indie game developers were able to get together in 2013.
The game industry is still growing so fast. And then, for all indie game developers, even if budget and human resources are limited, now we can relatively easy to release our information to the world using existing channels, easy to get more information around the world and easy to publish indie games to the world.

So, we came to the conclusion that the role of Indie Stream has finished.
Indie Stream and will be closed on 20th June 2019.
All contents on the website and press kit on DropBox will be deleted, too.

We recommend to save your information on or transfer to other website such as before the closedown.

Nowadays, Indie game meetups are flourishing in Japan.
We hope indie game communities keep up the momentum with those meetups.

Indie Stream admin team

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