NEWS  2016/09/26

Astoundingly, it’s already been a week since TGS 2016 ended.

It might’ve taken a while, but here’s the commemorative picture we took of everyone who was part of the indie game corner on the final day of TGS, at the request of the IndieStream organizers.
Since last year, we’ve decided to begin taking commemorative pictures on the final day like they do at PAX’s Indie Mega Booth.

It might’ve been because we distributed fliers announcing the group photograph this time around, but the turnout has been great and it was entertaining to try and have them all fit in the picture.


We’re really grateful towards Miyazawa-san (@room_909), who took the picture, and we’re also hoping that next year’s photo will continue the trend.

Click here to view the picture in full-size (~30 MB)

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