INDIE STREAM is all about supporting creative indie game developers in getting their games out in the open so that more people can experience their unique and original games. We’ve decided to hold an INDIE STREAM AWARDS event starting this year as a venue to bring attention to such new games. The Awards event will be a place where new games/content that can invigorate and transform the industry can be discovered and brought to light.

We implore any and all developers who are looking for a way to break into the scene and jump onto the world stage to rise to the challenge!

Winners List

Nominees List


  • How to Apply:Please register from the here.
  • Deadline: Sunday, September 4th 2016, no later than 18:00 (JST)
  • Requirements:
    • You must attend the INDIE STEAM FES 2016 on Saturday, September 17th, and have a playable product available.
    • There are no restrictions on nationality, age, occupation, team size (individuals are welcome to apply), institution/circle/organization, past experience, or scale.
    • Your product must be completed and presentable by Sunday, September 4th, 2016 *You may use any platform
  • The results will be announced on September 17th 2016 at the INDIE STREAM FES.


Application and Further Details

Please note the following regarding entry submissions:

  • The copyrights of any prize winning entries remain with their respective applicants. However, the event hosts have the right to announce and exhibit any nominated titles or prize winning entries which, as well as the right to screen, broadcast, reproduce, exhibit, print, and publish on the internet any such content for the purpose of promoting INDIE STREAM regardless of copyrights.
  • It is required that the original applicant hold the rights to the submitted entry.
  • The applicant must receive consent from the owner for use of any media such as footage, photos, images, programs, or music contained within their final product. Should a third-party claim infringement of any of their rights or demand compensation for such infringements, the applicant must take responsibility accordingly. We will not bear responsibility for any such incidents.
  • We cannot accept inquiries regarding the entry examination process.
  • Handling of personal information
    In accordance with the Indie Stream Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, we will use personal information provided to us by entrants at the time of application for the promotion of content relating to Indie Stream.
    Further, there are instances where it may be necessary to share this information with Indie Stream Fes sponsors, but we will never share personal information with any third parties without permission.



This award is given to the most creative and well-polished among all of the entries.

Best of ART

This award is given to the entry with the most outstanding and enchanting game art.

Best of SOUND

This award is given to the entry with the most memorable music that helps bring the game to life.


This award is given to the entry that has the most creative story, engaging its audience with superior delivery.


This award is given to the entry with the most innovative game system that pushes the boundaries of digital entertainment.


This award is given to the entry utilizing the most cutting edge production techniques to develop the title.

About INDIE STREAM AWARD screening team

The screening team will consist of developers, distributors, publishers, members of the media and others.

ISF 2016 award entry form

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