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Indie Stream Fes is a place where developers can offer each other support, engage in friendly rivalries, and develop relationships with other developers and industry insiders.

The event will be held at the Tokyo Game Show, on Saturday, September 19th. There will be an indie game corner at this year’s TGS as well, and you’ll find that Japan’s indie game scene is bigger than ever.

We aim to make this year’s Indie Stream Fes a media launch point, not just for Japanese developers but for developers from around the world.

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Indie Stream is a lively community where indie developers, both from Japan and abroad, can:

– Interact with, inspire, and bounce ideas off of each other.
– Gain exposure through the many media outlets from around the world that will be involved.
– Network with potential partners who may be able to help you in your epic indie game development quest.

We welcome you to attend the party as it’s sure to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Indie game developers, media personnel, and anyone else involved with indie games will definitely have something to take away from it.


Photo by Shuhei Miyazawa



INDIE STREAM is all about supporting creative indie game developers in getting their games out in the open so that more people can experience their unique and original games. We’ve decided to hold an INDIE STREAM AWARDS event starting this year as a venue to bring attention to such new games.
Please see here for further details.

Lighting Talk

Creater Lighting Talk

In INDIE STREAM FES 2015, we provide a platform for creators to freely introduce and present their own works.
Please see here for further details.


Indie Stream Booth

We created the Indie Stream Booth as a place where all developers can freely exhibit the games they created. There will be limited space, so please be respectful of other developers who wish to exhibit their games as well.
*Each table is allowed up to 500W of power. We recommend laptops for game demos.


ISF2015 Sponsor

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Event Information

Event Name INDIE STREAM FES 2015
Time Saturday, September 19th, 2015, from 6:30 pm to 9 pm (reception begins at 6:00 pm)
Location Grand South Oceans kaihin Makuhari [Access]
Su-ku Kaihinmakuhari, 1-9, Hibino, Mihama-ku Chiba-shi, Chiba, 261-0021, Japan
1 minute walking distance from the north exit of the JR Keiyo line Kaihin-Makuhari Station
Fee 4,000 JPY
Estimated Participants Around 250

GuidemapThe event leaders and other collaborating companies will be making announcements and holding sessions at the party.

We encourage all developers to bring their games and relevant news to the party in addition to their business cards.

Those wishing to attend can sign up at the following registration page: Registration Deadline: Friday, September 18th 6:00pm (JST)
(Please note that the event is not open to the general public)

Ticket booking

We will keep you posted regarding any updates on the party. We look forward to seeing you all there! For inquiries, please contact us at