Indie Stream Fes 2014 Lightning Talks

INDIE STREAM FES 2014 Lightning Talks

INDIE STREAM is all about supporting creative indie game developers who are constantly taking on new challenges.

INDIE STREAM FES 2014 is a platform that allows developers an opportunity to freely present and introduce their own works. It’s a fantastic way for developers to gain exposure for the projects they’ve worked so hard on.

We encourage any developers who’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to enter the drawing for the lightning talks, of which 10 applicants will be randomly selected to participate.

Registration Deadline: Monday, September 1st, 6 pm (Japan Time)

Lightning Talk Information

  • One person or one group, under 2 minutes
  • Staff will handle preparation of the microphone, screen, projector and PC (most likely Windows)


  • You must be able to attend the INDIE STREAM FES 2014 on September 20th(Please reserve a ticket in advance ).
  • Please make sure your presentation content can be checked in advance.
  • There are no restrictions on nationality, age, occupation, team size (individuals are welcome to apply), institution/circle, past experience, or scale.

Lightning Talk Application Form

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