Frequently asked questions about Indie Stream

QWhat is this website for?
AThis is the place for Indie game developers to get along with other game developers and utilize the network.
More information at About Page
QDo I have to register to use this website?
AIndie Stream is a members-only website. You need to submit your request for registration. We will provide your account if you pass our review.
QWhat can I do on this website in short?
A1. You can get your own user page and publish your portfolio.
2. You can distribute your press kit to media and publishers
3. You can exchange information at Indie Stream Guild on Akiba MMO.
It’s quite attractive, isn’t it? Thanks to our sponsors, it’s free for now.
QI have already registered…
AWe have got more than 300 entries, so it takes some time.
We are inviting new members one by one. If it’s urgent, please contact with us on twitter or something.
QDo I need a Dropbox account?
AYes, you will upload your press kit on Dropbox. So, it would be convenient for you to make Dropbox account with the same email address as this website.
QI have got a Indie Stream account, but what should I do?
AIt is better to make your own team portfolio. Here is the manual.
QI don’t know how to make portfolio page because I don’t know about HTML and CSS!
AThose are kind of essential skills in the future, maybe it’s good time to learn them. You can google it or ask your question at the forum.
QI want to do this and that, can you do that?
APlease leave your message on the forum, then we will try it if we can. But, we runs this website voluntary. We expect you guys to join our team.

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