Thank you for coming to Indie Stream Fes 2015.

BLOG  2015/09/24


It’s been almost one week since the event.
Thank you again for coming to Indie Stream Fes 2015.


The administration of the event was not easy even though it was the third time, because we keep changing the form for our own reason in consideration of the balance between shape of indie and scale as a party.

This time, we did scale down the event and found out a problem that the site was too small and more people wanted to join the event. So, we welcome praiseworthy persons who want to join the event and also play a role of our administration team.


We presume INDIE STREAM itself is somehow balanced because one of the promoters, Agarie focuses on collaboration between foreign developers and another promoter, Naramura basically pays attention to reinforce domestic community.

To be honest, we don’t know what is an ideal organization for indie game industry, and we don’t know what is going to happen in the future.

Anyway, we consider the existence of this community is required as Japanese indie.
We think it’s better to keep going the community, not to ask for anything in particular, and just follow with the tide.

Please leave your message before you lost this fresh memory of Indie Stream Fes 2015. The administration team will refer to your opinion next year.

Indie Stream Fes 2015 Questionnaire